aerosoft's - Mega Airport London Heathrow X

aerosoft's - Mega Airport London Heathrow X 1.20

This package contains the Mega Airport London-Heathrow scenery
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This software has been developed by the well-known Simwings-Team. Anything that has been developed is notorious of being of high quality and great enjoyment for all. In this package Aerosoft has launched the Mega Airport London Heathrow, including the brand new terminal 5. The user will feel as if they're actually in this incredible and mega airport. What an opportunity to discover the original feeling and atmosphere of this airport! Simwings utilized the BAA as having them onboard as an official partner for this project.

By doing this, they have made it as realistic as can be, with future considerations. They have made it so that the user feels like they're actually there. By using state of the art and completely up to date 3D files for many buildings according to BAA original plans to include even the newest (and some are actually still under construction) layout and buildings. This is by far the most detailed and precise major airport scenery ever created (while maintaining excellent frames). As many users know from using Aerosoft's products in the past, Simwings not only pays specific attention to technical details to make a great scenery, but they also have the ability to make an airport come to life in a simulator. If you like big airports while you're using a simulator, then this by far the one for you!

Their attention to detail has included not only the airport layout being based on official maps and new T5 buildings, but also the taxiway layout, hundreds of taxiway signs and RWY details to follow. It is Al-Traffic compatible. The AFCAD file included contains every possible gate. Gates are assigned to specific airlines. The dynamic and life like scenery is incredible. There are some static aircrafts (low polygon models) that are also an option to choose. This is fully AES 1.91 compatible to the FS2004 version only. The high resolution ground and object textures (and normal textures as an installer option for older graphic cards).

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